Album Release – Tracklist – HERO Tour 2018

We will release our new album “Hero” on April 27th, 2018!
“Hero” is the last chapter in a trilogy – a journey we started with the release of “Historia” and continued with “Home”.

Lyrically we have already covered what has happened in the past and what’s currently happening around us.
Now the only thing missing is a prediction what the future might hold. That’s what “Hero” is all about.
Will we head into a dystopian future or is there a chance of finding some kind of utopia… or will it be something entirely different?

Stay tuned for more information and new music!

Hero – Tracklist:
01. Fortune In Lies
02. Tomorrowland
03. Daydreamer
04. Save My World
05. Follow Me Blindly
06. Downfall
07. Hero
08. Voices
09. Breaking News
10. Wanted
11. In The Blink Of An Eye

We will hit the road to support the release of our new album!

HERO Tour 2018 – Tri State Corner + COP UK + Luke Gasser
02.05. Newcastle – Trillians (UK)
03.05. Scheffield – Corporation (UK)
05.05. Siegburg – Kubana (GER)
06.05. Bochum – Matrix (GER)
08.05. Wetzikon – Hall of fame (CH)
10.05. Mannheim – MS Connextion Complex (GER)
11.05. Nürnberg – Cult (GER)
12.05. Cham – L.A. Lifestyle Café (GER)
13.05. München – Backstage (GER)

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