We release our first single “Breaking News”

“Breaking News” is taken from the upcoming album “Hero” (out April 27th, 2018) – You can stream the song (and preorder the album) using the following link:

“Breaking News” , and especially the accompanying lyric video, is about today’s world situation and in what way it can be a basis for the future. 
Lucky comments: “It is a summary of the permanent interplay of opposites: rich/poor, war/peace, power/powerlessness, surplus/poverty, values/indifference, fear/courage, hope/hopelessness etc. 
In the context of the album it means that, due to the fear of change, we would rather continue to follow existing patterns instead of turning away and perhaps aim for a better or more peaceful path. Even if we know that the course of events is questionable, we seem to avoid being taken out of our comfort zone and instead keep on following the familiar, but perhaps not right way.”

Breaking News

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